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Episode Episode 854 Sawri is shattered and walks away. Daksh's aunt accuses Saloni also of having trapped a rich man in
Duration: 1243
View count: 289228

SALONI SALONI ép.125- 2 /Kaveri invite la famille pour l'anniversaire de son mari
Duration: 724
View count: 17924

SALONI SALONI ép.127-2 / Saloni est agressée ( chaussure de l'homme à moto ressemble aux chaussures de Samar)
Duration: 504
View count: 38460

Episode Episode 386 Saloni does not believe Yug. However, Yug explains the entire story to everyone in detail and tells
Duration: 1422
View count: 301495

SALONI SALONI ép.119-1/Kaveri&Samar réclament les droits de Saloni suite-Tara a failli gifler Kaveri Kaveri&Samar réclament les droits de Saloni suite - Tara a failli gifler Kaveri.
Duration: 618
View count: 5985

Episode Episode 387 Saloni finds Nahar walking away dejectedly. She goes to him, who apologises to her. Nahar tells Salo
Duration: 1425
View count: 116329

Episode Episode 400 Late in the night, Nahar slyly meets Saloni and speaks his heart out. He tells Saloni to return to h
Duration: 1255
View count: 126402

Episode Episode 780 Tara is surprised and worried when Savitri informs her that Urvashi and Brijesh have gone away in th
Duration: 1284
View count: 106897

SALONI SALONI 1 éme episode en franch SALONI 1 éme episode en franch.
Duration: 880
View count: 25448

Episode Episode 384 Nahar chides Neel and tells him that he finds it hard to believe that he has been deceiving Saloni a
Duration: 1326
View count: 75393

Episode Episode 380 Chandni tells Nahar that Devika had held her captive and come to Rajasthan with him pretending to be
Duration: 1250
View count: 58003

Episode Episode 385 Nahar is shocked when Gayatri tells him about Ambica's plan to get Saloni remarried. Nahar is deject
Duration: 1292
View count: 70884

Episode Episode 381 After leaving Abhay Singh to die, Padam Singh had met Abhay Singh's father and conveyed the news of
Duration: 1368
View count: 177093

Episode Episode 379 Yug arrives at Nahar's place, but before he can enter, he sees a car approaching and quickly hides n
Duration: 1354
View count: 98503

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 389 Shubra is very happy for Saloni. Saloni then tells Shubra that she should think of reuniting with Ku
Duration: 1458
View count: 63383

Episode Episode 394 Narpat apologises to Brijesh and his family on Kaveri's behalf. Later, Bhabho encourages Shubra to g
Duration: 1328
View count: 84600

Episode Episode 819 Amrit brings Sawri to Saloni. An upset Sawri tells Saloni that even her father is leaving, and even
Duration: 1281
View count: 347533

Episode Episode 377 Nahar gets furious and chides Tara for keeping him in the dark. Soon, Bhabho arrives and finds Nahar
Duration: 1362
View count: 89759

Episode Episode 392 Saloni tells Brijesh that they can stay at her parents' place. Though Brijesh does not feel it right
Duration: 1329
View count: 50444

Episode Episode 395 Saloni meets Nahar at the police station and assures him that everything will be soon all right. Mea
Duration: 1288
View count: 50358

Saat Saat phere - Episode 370 Devika phones the mysterious person to inform that she has finally found the royal seal. She further
Duration: 1329
View count: 47619

Episode Episode 393 Chandni tells Saloni that she will snatch away Nahar from her and she will not be able to do anythin
Duration: 1303
View count: 45639

Episode Episode 129 Ambica loses her cool and slaps Gayatri and accuses her of betraying their trust. Samar too tells Ga
Duration: 1405
View count: 34536

Episode Episode 396 Nahar is shocked and tells Saloni that he cannot accept Chandni's demands. However, Saloni tells Nah
Duration: 1312
View count: 53885

Episode Episode 388 Neel then takes Nahar and his family to the place where he has kept Chandni and Padam Singh. However
Duration: 1391
View count: 73581

Episode Episode 390 Nahar and his family are enjoying their stay in Mumbai. Rewa is also happy and is playing a perfect
Duration: 1426
View count: 130553

Episode Episode 382 Nil.
Duration: 1326
View count: 69168

Episode Episode 320 Nahar does not approve of Neel's idea of putting Saloni's integrity to test. However, he later decid
Duration: 1319
View count: 66147

Episode Episode 372 Nahar gets furious to see Yug. He holds him by his collar and chides him. Nahar then meets Saloni an
Duration: 1338
View count: 41581

Saat Saat phere - Episode 402 Aditi tells Bhabho that she is ashamed about her husband willing to leave her for the sake of deceit
Duration: 1279
View count: 54202

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 378 During the religious ceremony, one of the women present at Nahar's house suddenly starts behaving we
Duration: 1326
View count: 51658

Saat Saat phere - Episode 371 Nahar rushes Saloni to the hospital. The doctor assures Nahar that Saloni is out of danger, but is s
Duration: 1315
View count: 48371

Duration: 900
View count: 63862

Episode Episode 363 Ambica is shocked and tells Saloni that it is not a wise decision to help Nahar's family after consi
Duration: 1407
View count: 36616

Cliché Cliché ! version française Liste des stéréotypes de la France et des Français vus de l'étranger. Plus d'infos sur http://ww
Duration: 381
View count: 1005006

Duration: 351
View count: 47047

Duration: 628
View count: 20167

Episode Episode 800 Aditya hugs Urvashi and says that he was missing her. He tells her that he wants to stay with her bu
Duration: 1246
View count: 150668

Episode Episode 391 Brijesh gets furious and tells Padam Singh to leave his mansion before he calls the cops. However, P
Duration: 1297
View count: 59051

Episode Episode 376 Devika gets suspicious when she slyly hears Neel talking to one of his aides on phone. Neel tells hi
Duration: 1321
View count: 38543

Episode Episode 404 Bhabo tells Saloni that Padam Singh is going to sell their antique treasure. Bhabo pleads with Padam
Duration: 1306
View count: 46730

Episode Episode 369 Nahar gets irked to see Saloni at Aruna's place and chides her. He tells Saloni to stop her investig
Duration: 1329
View count: 34175

Episode Episode 355 Saloni is taken aback to see the sight. Nahar and Devika leave and Neel takes Saloni home. A heartbr
Duration: 1381
View count: 29253

Episode Episode 340 Everyone in Narpat's place is surprised to see Saloni late in the night. She tells everyone that she
Duration: 1487
View count: 33787

Episode Episode 301 Saloni gets shocked when Katari comes close to Tara. Before Katari can do anything nasty, Saloni int
Duration: 1425
View count: 78606

Episode Episode 368 Devika is shocked when Brijesh tries to come closer to her. Devika tells Brijesh to control himself.
Duration: 1293
View count: 25855

Episode Episode 375 Shubra takes the photo frame with her and leaves. The next day, she meets Saloni, Tara and Bhabho an
Duration: 1071
View count: 32712

Episode Episode 330 Yug is shocked to see the face of his boss as he is none other than Neel. Yug confronts Neel and ask
Duration: 1568
View count: 53078

Episode Episode 335 Saloni and Nahar are surprised to see everyone and decide to change their plan of leaving. Later, ev
Duration: 1600
View count: 56231

Episode Episode 130 Saloni decides to enter the room, but changes her decision and returns. However, she is shocked when
Duration: 1361
View count: 28795

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