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Saat Saat Phere - Episode 854 Sawri is shattered and walks away. Daksh's aunt accuses Saloni also of having trapped a rich man in
Duration: 1243
View count: 407906

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 780 Tara is surprised and worried when Savitri informs her that Urvashi and Brijesh have gone away in th
Duration: 1284
View count: 163693

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 559 Nishi tells Neerav that she wonders why the patient has to suffer so much! Neel tends to Saloni. Lat
Duration: 1360
View count: 78585

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 600 Saloni is devastated to know that Aditi is no more. Nahar decides to shoot Urvashi but Saloni stops
Duration: 1260
View count: 146177

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 589 Saloni sees Nahar and calls him Prince but he aims the gun at her and demands that she call Neel. Ju
Duration: 1258
View count: 150813

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 819 Amrit brings Sawri to Saloni. An upset Sawri tells Saloni that even her father is leaving, and even
Duration: 1281
View count: 539324

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 1 Narpat (Mohan Bhandari) urges his wife, Ambica (Pratichee Mishra) and his younger daughter, Shubra (
Duration: 1709
View count: 222710

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 560 Nishi is surprised to hear Neerav call out to her patient as Saloni! Neerav manages to save Saloni,
Duration: 1282
View count: 62373

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 730 When Saloni reaches Nahar, he comes back to his senses. He lies that Shweta wanted to play with him
Duration: 1294
View count: 578938

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 473 Brijesh receives a call informing him that Sridhar has escaped from prison. Brijesh asserts that nob
Duration: 1341
View count: 55744

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 590 Urvashi summons Brijesh to her cabin and asks him to massage her head because she has a headache. Ho
Duration: 1260
View count: 74683

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 553 The man who rescues Saloni is none other than Neel who is now known as Neerav, but he does not see h
Duration: 1286
View count: 63707

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 552 Cops find Saloni lying unconscious in a truck, and the driver has no idea how she landed there! Mean
Duration: 1229
View count: 141237

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 502 Kaveri is stunned to see Saloni! Saloni chides Kaveri and Ginni for deceiving the family. Ginni deep
Duration: 1364
View count: 181086

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 500 The women chase Abhi and throw stones at him. He stands at the edge of the cliff facing the furious
Duration: 1392
View count: 73279

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 558 Kaveri pretends to be indebted to Tara and Brijesh for bringing back their baby. Samar too is extrem
Duration: 1261
View count: 45433

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 806 Tara accuses Sawri of putting her husband's life in danger! Saloni tries to explain to Tara that Saw
Duration: 1237
View count: 189674

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 591 Nahar overhears Neel telling Nishi that he must go away because Saloni will not let Nahar come close
Duration: 1279
View count: 51726

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 568 Neel narrates to Saloni a story about Cinderella. He mentions that Cinderella's mother and sister tr
Duration: 1358
View count: 170453

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 247 Urvashi and Tara ask Saloni to get Pia dressed for the engagement ceremony. Saloni goes to her room
Duration: 1319
View count: 32791

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 567 Kaveri returns home and informs Samar that Urvashi has returned to Nahar's house as Tara's aunt beca
Duration: 1305
View count: 43293

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 570 Bhabho holds Urvashi's hand and stops her from removing the garland from Aditi's photograph. Just th
Duration: 1291
View count: 46248

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 598 Nahar wonders whether Urvashi had heard his conversation but is relieved that she has not. He is hap
Duration: 1362
View count: 59214

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 555 Brigadier asks Neerav to take his time and not feel indebted while making his decision. Neerav leave
Duration: 1301
View count: 45771

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 551 Aditi is shocked and wonders why Saloni had told her such a big lie. On the other hand, Saloni regai
Duration: 1292
View count: 72705

Duration: 46
View count: 24802

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 550 Vrinda is furious and upset at Kukki's suggestion and informs them that she worships Nahar and can n
Duration: 1296
View count: 52809

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 800 Aditya hugs Urvashi and says that he was missing her. He tells her that he wants to stay with her bu
Duration: 1246
View count: 219654

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 557 Nahar keeps hitting Neel and demands to know why he has come home! Neel is stunned when Nahar and hi
Duration: 1315
View count: 48216

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 593 Tara keeps looking at a doll that calls out "Mother" to her. Kukki sees this and regrets that she ca
Duration: 1310
View count: 52792

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 605 Chirmi manages to save the situation, while Nahar hides. Urvashi leaves, and Saloni cautions Nahar t
Duration: 1389
View count: 49615

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 601 Nahar apologises to Saloni for suspecting her character, but she assures him that their love has eme
Duration: 1324
View count: 60922

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 588 Saloni is upset with her prince for not listening to her and ruining her sketch as well! Seeing Brij
Duration: 1349
View count: 42241

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 492 Abhi exposes Nahar's disguise to Pia. Nahar explains to Pia that Abhi had purchased a poison bottle
Duration: 1348
View count: 29441

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 569 Brigadier and Shanti are worried that Nishi has no idea where Neerav has been from a couple of days.
Duration: 1303
View count: 56968

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 565 Urvashi threatens to throw Vrinda out of the house if she dare repeat such an act! Tara demands to k
Duration: 1328
View count: 39331

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 386 Saloni does not believe Yug. However, Yug explains the entire story to everyone in detail and tells
Duration: 1422
View count: 381926

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 498 Kukki is shocked to know that Bhabho and Brijesh supported Saloni. She calls up Abhi but he has forg
Duration: 1403
View count: 70267

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 547 Shubra follows Saloni and questions her motive behind her action but Saloni implores her not to comp
Duration: 1263
View count: 47237

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 501 Nahar and Saloni apologise to Brijesh for disobeying him and causing pain but Brijesh replies he is
Duration: 1390
View count: 59494

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 580 The new Joint MD turns out to be none other than Urvashi! Urvashi triumphantly remarks to Brijesh th
Duration: 1300
View count: 29885

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 556 Nishi tells Neerav that the patient continues to be in coma in spite of her efforts to revive her, a
Duration: 1313
View count: 95480

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 599 Saloni apologises to Neel for misbehaving with him earlier but he thanks her for guiding him on the
Duration: 1372
View count: 62236

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 566 Neel tries to tell Nahar about Saloni but Nahar refuses to listen to him and asserts that Saloni has
Duration: 1297
View count: 35779

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 499 Pia informs Manno Bhabhi that Saloni had been speaking the truth all along about Abhi having raped h
Duration: 1352
View count: 51985

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 585 Vrinda is inconsolable at the accusation and packs her bags to leave. Bhabho and the entire family t
Duration: 1320
View count: 30452

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 571 Veer arrives home just then and Ishan asks him to stop Urvashi from throwing away Aditi's belongings
Duration: 1275
View count: 39133

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 592 Nahar asks Saloni to repeat what she had just said but she asks him who Bhabho is. Nahar promises to
Duration: 1277
View count: 43861

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 72 Saloni receives a grand welcome by everyone in Nahar's family. She is overwhelmed with joy to see th
Duration: 1393
View count: 136643

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 587 Before Saloni can answer the doorbell, Shanti stops her and asks her to go away. Shanti is surprised
Duration: 1341
View count: 31055

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