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Saat Saat Phere - Episode 854 Sawri is shattered and walks away. Daksh's aunt accuses Saloni also of having trapped a rich man in
Duration: 1243
View count: 511768

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 600 Saloni is devastated to know that Aditi is no more. Nahar decides to shoot Urvashi but Saloni stops
Duration: 1260
View count: 321957

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 730 When Saloni reaches Nahar, he comes back to his senses. He lies that Shweta wanted to play with him
Duration: 1294
View count: 929442

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 780 Tara is surprised and worried when Savitri informs her that Urvashi and Brijesh have gone away in th
Duration: 1284
View count: 197343

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 400 Late in the night, Nahar slyly meets Saloni and speaks his heart out. He tells Saloni to return to h
Duration: 1255
View count: 268109

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 1 Narpat (Mohan Bhandari) urges his wife, Ambica (Pratichee Mishra) and his younger daughter, Shubra (
Duration: 1709
View count: 253223

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 620 Nahar informs Bhabho and Brijesh why they had to put on a charade about Saloni hurting her hand. Sal
Duration: 1288
View count: 94162

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 806 Tara accuses Sawri of putting her husband's life in danger! Saloni tries to explain to Tara that Saw
Duration: 1237
View count: 310674

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 640 When Saloni questions Gaj Pratap why he had slapped her father, he tells her to ask him about his re
Duration: 1384
View count: 42323

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 612 Urvashi gives Saloni gold bangles as a welcome token. Nahar reminds her that she has already met Sal
Duration: 1315
View count: 102380

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 819 Amrit brings Sawri to Saloni. An upset Sawri tells Saloni that even her father is leaving, and even
Duration: 1281
View count: 673593

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 601 Nahar apologises to Saloni for suspecting her character, but she assures him that their love has eme
Duration: 1324
View count: 139874

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 631 Veer reminds Urvashi how she had used his son, Kshitij, to come closer to him and then abandoned him
Duration: 1359
View count: 144626

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 589 Saloni sees Nahar and calls him Prince but he aims the gun at her and demands that she call Neel. Ju
Duration: 1258
View count: 331992

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 618 Stella tells Urvashi that she hails from the Bandeli tribe and further says that the baby will be sa
Duration: 1271
View count: 71480

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 590 Urvashi summons Brijesh to her cabin and asks him to massage her head because she has a headache. Ho
Duration: 1260
View count: 169938

Duration: 46
View count: 58870

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 800 Aditya hugs Urvashi and says that he was missing her. He tells her that he wants to stay with her bu
Duration: 1246
View count: 301880

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 630 Urvashi warns Saloni that she will surely punish her for double-crossing her but will tackle her onc
Duration: 1232
View count: 89133

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 611 Brijesh is furious that Saloni has returned home as she is a cheat but Veer tells him that he has br
Duration: 1290
View count: 128836

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 603 Urvashi address the dancer as Saloni but the girl asserts that she is Chirmi, not Saloni! Brijesh re
Duration: 1328
View count: 130268

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 605 Chirmi manages to save the situation, while Nahar hides. Urvashi leaves, and Saloni cautions Nahar t
Duration: 1389
View count: 132222

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 700 Tara tells Brijesh that norms have been age-old and they must be followed. Brijesh scolds Tara for n
Duration: 1224
View count: 42025

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 613 Saloni ransacks Urvashi's room to find a clue about Tara's child's whereabouts, but Urvashi arrives
Duration: 1296
View count: 125549

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 595 Nahar takes Saloni to the temple. The priest suggests that they observe all the rituals again and ge
Duration: 1320
View count: 130415

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 607 Saloni seeks Bhabho's blessing, so Brijesh asks Bhabho to bless her because Saloni had put her honou
Duration: 1397
View count: 125950

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 386 Saloni does not believe Yug. However, Yug explains the entire story to everyone in detail and tells
Duration: 1422
View count: 401352

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 72 Saloni receives a grand welcome by everyone in Nahar's family. She is overwhelmed with joy to see th
Duration: 1393
View count: 158259

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 751 Saloni is very upset to see the water spill out of the urn. Varun advises Nahar not to wait for deat
Duration: 1338
View count: 36274

حب حب جامد Nahar & Saloni صفحة "we love salony " على الفيس بوك.
Duration: 119
View count: 124304

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 473 Brijesh receives a call informing him that Sridhar has escaped from prison. Brijesh asserts that nob
Duration: 1341
View count: 75634

Les Les télénovelas qui vous attendent à la rentrée sur 1ère ! "Le tourbillon de l'amour", "Captive", "Saloni", "La Patrona"... cliquez sur ce lien pour découvrir
Duration: 35
View count: 40095

Bella Bella et Edward Lune de miel Breaking Dawn
Duration: 220
View count: 654839

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 247 Urvashi and Tara ask Saloni to get Pia dressed for the engagement ceremony. Saloni goes to her room
Duration: 1319
View count: 35348

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 220 Tara and Urvashi are shocked to see Saloni and they immediately change the topic. Later, Tara tells
Duration: 1312
View count: 39556

Oum Oum Kalthoum. Fakarouni. ام كلتوم . فكروني Oum Kalthoum.Fakarouni.ام كلتوم.- فكروني Quand deux pyramides se rencontrent,Oum Kaltho
Duration: 3582
View count: 3128670

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 559 Nishi tells Neerav that she wonders why the patient has to suffer so much! Neel tends to Saloni. Lat
Duration: 1360
View count: 154836

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 625 Brijesh and Tara try to dissuade Veer from attending the wedding but Veer asserts that Urvashi will
Duration: 1346
View count: 86558

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 650 Saloni tells Ambica that it's Narpat's wish that Kalika stay with them. Ambica declares that she doe
Duration: 1389
View count: 43936

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 593 Tara keeps looking at a doll that calls out "Mother" to her. Kukki sees this and regrets that she ca
Duration: 1310
View count: 123361

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 688 An excited Saloni tells Bhabho that she's certain Nahar has won the bet and she has given birth to a
Duration: 1296
View count: 192256

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 546 It's a stormy night when Saloni is thrown out of the house, and right enough, her photo frame in Bha
Duration: 1323
View count: 160505

Cliché Cliché ! version française Liste des stéréotypes de la France et des Français vus de l'étranger. Plus d'infos sur http://ww
Duration: 381
View count: 1185646

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 646 Narpat decides to hug Kalika when she returns home and apologise to her. On the other hand, Kalika v
Duration: 1366
View count: 38463

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 649 Nahar and Saloni are unable to find Narpat. Brijesh too turns up at the hospital and is shocked to h
Duration: 1368
View count: 32585

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 628 Urvashi demands to know from Munni where her child is, so Munni replies that she wants 50 million ru
Duration: 1239
View count: 62445

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 615 Kaveri yells at Ambica for wanting to meet Saloni in spite of Narpat and Samar warning her not to! N
Duration: 1351
View count: 85137

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 621 Nahar knocks on Stella's door but she escapes from the other door. Stella phones Urvashi and informs
Duration: 1297
View count: 60953

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 596 Veer also asks Brijesh to stay back with him and promises to join the others later. Tara is worried,
Duration: 1371
View count: 102913

Saat Saat Phere - Episode 551 Aditi is shocked and wonders why Saloni had told her such a big lie. On the other hand, Saloni regai
Duration: 1292
View count: 125744

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